SharePoint Consulting Best Practices for a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Deployment 


SharePoint Consulting Best Practices for a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Deployment 

Reason for Article 

The reason for the archive is to plot EPC Group best practice suggestions from an "In the Trenches" SharePoint Consulting point of view for Enterprise SharePoint 2010 Environments. I have additionally included supportable impediments sketched out by Microsoft just as best practice data that relates to SharePoint Server 2010. As I have been working with SharePoint from back in the "Tahoe" days and have spent my whole profession working around this item I especially appreciate sharing my considerations and encounters around this incredibly ground-breaking stage. (Note: Always actualize it as a Hybrid) 

Attempt office setup with product key which is extremely simple to introduce, download and recover. Utilization of it is additionally basic and the client can gain proficiency with the utilization of it effectively. Online Support&help alternative is likewise accessible in all application which gives a moment rule.


Homesteads ought to be set up with the accompanying server least necessities. 

Web/Application Servers 

The Web Application Servers at every area ought to be utilized essentially for SharePoint. The server facilitating the SharePoint segments must have the accompanying least programming design: 


Least prerequisite 


64-bit, four centers 


4 GB for engineer or assessment use 

8 GB for single server and numerous server ranch establishment for creation use 

Hard plate 

80 GB for framework drive 

For generation use, you need extra free circle space for everyday activities. Keep up twice as much free space as you have RAM for creation conditions. 


· The 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 Standard 

· Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 

You should download a refresh for Windows Server 2008 preceding you run Setup. 

· Web Server (IIS) job 

· Application Server job 

· Microsoft .NET Framework form 3.5 SP1 

· Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 (x64) 

· Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0 

· Microsoft Chart Controls for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 

· Windows PowerShell 2.0 

· SQL Server 2008 Native Client 

· Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services ADOMD.NET 

· ADO.NET Data Services Update for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 

Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) 

Extra Web Server proposals 

· A Web Application Server ought to have close to 10 Web Application Pools. 

· A site ought to have close to 250,000 locales for each site accumulation. 

· The most extreme number of zones that can be set up for a Farm Web Site is 5. 

· A SharePoint Farm can't contain more than 20 oversaw ways for each web application. 

· The store estimate set for InfoPath Forms administration ought not be over 300mb. 

· Application Pools on the web application servers ought to be reused at any rate once amid off hours. 

· All destinations ought to use Quotas to keep the extent of the locales at a sensible size. 

Database Servers 

SharePoint requires SQL databases and inclines toward Windows Authentication. SharePoint is ignorant of any non-SharePoint databases on the SQL server. Anyway it is suggested that the SharePoint condition Database dwell on a Dedicated SQL Server example. 

SharePoint requires SQL databases and lean towards Windows Authentication. SharePoint is unconscious of any non-SharePoint databases on the SQL server. 


Least necessity 


64-bit, four centers for little arrangements 

64-bit, eight centers for medium organizations 


8 GB for little organizations 

16 GB for medium organizations 

These qualities are higher than those prescribed as the base qualities for SQL Server due to the circulation of information required for a SharePoint Products 2010 condition. 

Hard circle 

80 GB for framework drive 

For Production, it is prescribed that there are 4 extra plates accessible for Data, Logs, System DB and System Use. 

For generation use, you need extra free circle space for everyday tasks. Keep up twice as much free space as you have RAM for creation situations. 


· The 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise or better. 

· The 64-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or better. 

Extra Environments 

It is profoundly prescribed that every Location keep up no less than three extra conditions that are not associated with the creation condition. These situations are: 

· Test. Incorporation zone to test bundled arrangement bundles for pre-creation. 

· Pilot. Test arrangement region to test applications changes. 

· Development. Condition for application improvement and plan for change demands for new highlights and confirmation of-idea. 

It is very suggested that the Test or Pilot condition for every area impersonate the consents, content, framework setup, custom arrangements, and design of the Production condition. 

On the off chance that the equipment and programming are accessible to emulate the Production condition, these servers can be virtualized utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware. 

Advancement Environment 

Arranging a decent advancement condition and utilizing the correct apparatuses are fundamental elements for a lovely and profitable SharePoint Server 2010 improvement experience. When you are creating answers for SharePoint Server 2010, it is ideal to do the improvement on a machine that is running SharePoint Server 2010. This will enable you to exploit the advancement and investigating enhancements given by Visual Studio 2010. 

The improvement condition ought to be introduced on a PC that has a X64-Capable CPU and at any rate 2GB of RAM accessible to run SharePoint Server 2010. Nonetheless, it is suggested that the advancement machine contain at any rate 4GB of Ram. It is prescribed that the Operating System be Windows Server 2008 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Since the fundamental necessities for a SharePoint Server 2010 advancement condition are not equivalent to a Production Environment, it is profoundly prescribed that you do take the prerequisites recorded in this Development area for making any of alternate situations. 

You can utilize a few distinct designs for your SharePoint Server 2010 advancement condition. On the off chance that your hierarchical spending plan permits, it is prescribed that you utilize beyond what one machine with the goal that you can have SharePoint Server 2010 on one machine and the SQL Server living on another. 

Extra machines add additional expense to the improvement procedure, so by and large, utilizing virtual machines for the advancement condition is favored. You can utilize virtual machine devices, for example, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware to achieve introducing SharePoint on a Virtual Environment. 

When the advancement condition has been set up with one of the suggested renditions of Windows Server 2008 and SharePoint Server 2010, you would then be able to introduce the Development devices. At any rate you should introduce Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 on the advancement machine to deliver the base custom arrangements required for nature. 

Designers who have been prepared by Technology Standards should be conceded authoritative benefits to the improvement situations to guarantee that all highlights and arrangements are accessible while creating arrangements. This is just for the advancement condition. 

Server Patches 

It is best practice to guarantee that all SharePoint Server 2010 homesteads are dependably fully informed regarding the most recent open administration packs. It is additionally prescribed that hotfixes are just connected so as to address explicit issues which are settled with the said hotfix. 

SharePoint 2010 Security Accounts 

Required records 

The DBA needs to make SQL Server logins for the records that are utilized to get to the databases for Office SharePoint Server 2010 and add them to jobs. 

It is prescribed that SharePoint Server 2010 is introduced by utilizing least-benefit organization establishment approach. 

The accompanying table depicts the records that are utilized to get to the databases for SharePoint Server 2010. 




SQL Server Service Account 

This record is utilized as the administration represent the accompanying SQL Server administrations: 



On the off chance that you are not utilizing the default occurrence, these administrations will be appeared: 



SQL Server prompts for this record amid SQL Server Setup. You have two alternatives: 

Allocate one of the implicit framework accounts (Local System, Network Service, or Local Service) to the logon for the configurable SQL Server administrations. 

Relegate an area client record to the logon for the administration. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize this choice you should make the extra strides required to design Service Principal Names (SPNs) in Active Directory so as to help Kerberos confirmation, which SQL Server employments. 

Setup client account 

The Setup client account is utilized to run the accompanying: 

Setup on every server 

The SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard 

The PSConfig direction line apparatus 

The Stsadm direction line apparatus 

Area client account 

Individual from the Administrators bunch on every server on which Setup is run 

SQL Server login on the PC running SQL Server 

Individual from the accompanying SQL Server security jobs: 

Securityadmin fixed server job 

dbcreator fixed server job 

In the event that you run Stsadm direction line device directions that read from or keep in touch with a database, this record must be an individual from the db_owner fixed database job for the database. 

Server ranch account/Database get to account 

The Server ranch account is utilized to: 

Go about as the application pool character for the SharePoint Central Administration application pool. 

Run the Windows SharePoint Services Timer administration. 

SharePoint Logging 

The SharePoint Server 2010 condition may require setup of the symptomatic logging settings after introductory sending or update and potentially all through the framework's life cycle. The guideli

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